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Benefits of Accreditation in Healthcare

Preparing for accreditation can be a long, intensive process. It requires collaborating with administrators and leaders to update policies, procedures, and training materials.

But accreditation is a worthwhile investment. In the end, achieving accreditation in healthcare can have many important benefits for your organization:

Improved quality of care

Achieving accreditation requires holding staff to high standards for patient care. Studies have shown that accreditation improves the overall quality of care in healthcare facilities.

In certain specialty areas, accreditation programs even improve patient outcomes.

In a survey by the Public Health Accreditation Board, 98% of respondents agreed that accreditation prompted their organization to improve quality and performance.

Healthcare accreditation requires organizations to examine processes in every department and section of their facility. This also improves the quality of care by decreasing variations in the ways different staff members and departments care for patients.

The standards ensure that patients will receive consistent, excellent care throughout the facility.

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